Art Exhibition: Ephemeral Tranquility

Art Exhibition: Ephemeral Tranquility

Contact: Lacey Leonard,

“We must take time back into ourselves, to let our consciousness breathe and our cluttered minds be still and silent. This is what art can do and museums can be in today’s world.”

Bill Viola, Buddha Mind in Contemporary Art, 254

Inspired by Buddhist ideas of envelopment of life’s precious moments, this exhibition features work from five different artists who explore ideas of identity, meditation, energy, experience, and human consciousness. The act of looking at these works promotes reflection and separation from the pressures and calamity of the outside world. The events of the past year have been overwhelming negative forces present our lives. In these unsteady times, we find ourselves longing for a moment of stillness and serenity. These works serve as an avenue for contemplation to evaporate uneasiness and anxiety by immersing the viewer in the visual experience.

Photo credit: Open Sutra, Amy Herzel, 2019, graphite, ink, sgraffito, 30”x30”

This exhibition was made possible through the Roanoke College Permanent Art Collection and the works of Duane Cregger, Kyra Hinton, Amy Herzel and Kate Shortridge.

Ephemeral Tranquility was curated by Samantha Meyer through the Roanoke College Art History Exhibition Practicum Class.

The gallery is currently closed to the public and will be open only to students, faculty and staff Monday-Friday 1-4pm.