Kandinsky Trio Series Concert: Opening Concert

Kandinsky Trio Series Concert: Opening Concert

Contact: Olin Theater, 540-375-2333

To begin the Kandinsky Trio's 30th anniversary season, the Trio will be joined
by violist Esme Allen-Creighton, along with violinist John Irrera, a member of the Irrera Brothers Duo.

Featured works will include a new piano quintet, Jon Grier's "Yo Sebastian," which offers a spirited, whimsical look back at J.S. Bach. "Werther," Brahms' Piano Quartet in C Minor, also will be performed. It was written during the composer's troubled relationship with his friends Robert and Clara Schumann. Brahms had strong feelings for Clara but felt loyal to Robert who was crippled by mental illness. This momentous piece reflects the pain and anguish of his unrequited love.

Haydn's good-humored "Piano Trio in A Major" will open the concert. 

Tickets: $20 Adults/$12 Seniors and Non-RC students

Tickets available at: kandinsky92017.eventbrite.com or by calling 540-375-2333.