An MCSP Conversation Series Talk: "What is the Mathematics of School Mathematics?" by Dr. Jason Zimba

An MCSP Conversation Series Talk: "What is the Mathematics of School Mathematics?" by Dr. Jason Zimba

Contact: Dr. Maggie Rahmoeller,

The MCSP Department invites you to join us for Dr. Jason Zimba's MCSP Conversation Series talk about "What is the Mathematics of School Mathematics?" on Thurs, April 8 from Noon - 1PM. If you are part of the RC community, you can find the Zoom links on this page. The complete MCSP Conversation Series schedule can be found here. If you are not part of the RC community, but you would like to join in for a talk, just email

Abstract: What does a mathematician see when leafing through an elementary school math textbook? Is school mathematics a branch of mathematics at all? And can the skills of the physicist or mathematician be applied to improve K-12 math education? In this colloquium, I'll share ideas, experiences, and lessons learned from my second career as an educator.

Bio: Jason Zimba is a Founding Partner of Student Achievement Partners and was a lead writer of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. He holds a B.A. from Williams College with a double major in mathematics and astrophysics; an M.Sc. by research in mathematics from the University of Oxford; and a Ph.D. in mathematical physics from the University of California at Berkeley. As a researcher, Dr. Zimba's work spanned a range of fields, including astronomy, astrophysics theoretical physics, philosophy of science, and pure mathematics. His academic awards include a Rhodes scholarship and a Majorana Prize for theoretical physics. Dr. Zimba has taught physics and mathematics to university students and high school students, as well as to adult prison inmates and members of other disadvantaged groups. He is the author of Force and Motion: An Illustrated Guide to Newton's Laws.

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