Young Associates

  • Are you a young alum of Roanoke College searching for ways to give back and help future students succeed?
  • Do you desire to help Roanoke College financially but don't quite have the resources to do so?
  • Are you thrilled with your recent liberal arts degree from Roanoke College but still searching for that perfect job?
  • Are you ready to take a leadership role that will help you excel, all the while, supporting your alma mater? 

Here is Roanoke's solution for you:  Young Associates is an influential group of young leaders who understand the importance of investing in Roanoke College. The Young Associates program offers our recent alumni of the last decade membership in a leadership giving society at a graduated level. In your first year out, membership is only $100; second year out $200; and so on. Roanoke College Young Associates are usually celebrated with a special networking reception during Alumni Weekend in April and their names will appear in future publications.

Roanoke's Young Associate Program is designed for people JUST LIKE YOU

Members of Young Associates

Interested?  Check out how your gift can be made in one of three convenient ways:

  • A one-time donation of cash or securities
  • A series of donations during a fiscal year
  • A cash contribution with a corporate matching gift

Young Associates = Turning challenges into solutions for current and future students of Roanoke College!

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Meet the Young Associate Class Representatives

Class of 2016 - Thomas Lux

Class of 2014 - Sean Walsh

Class of 2013 - Connor Toomey

Class of 2012 - David Mason

Class of 2011 - Cody Sexton

For more information about Young Associates, please contact:
(540) 375-2088