Scholarships and Endowment

Student giving a speechThe Roanoke College Endowment Fund provides for future expansion of the academic program and ensures long-term financial stability. Permanent investments in scholarships, instructional support, and academic programs ensure that Roanoke College can continue to provide the highest quality liberal arts education for generation after generation. Each individual endowment makes a positive difference in the lives of students - whether it is through a gifted teacher-scholar or by direct access to a Roanoke College education provided with scholarship support.

As early as the 1850's College founder David Bittle worked for the development of aStudents conducting research permanent endowment fund. Finally in 1882, his efforts resulted in the Board of Trustees adopting a proposal that produced a fledgling endowment of $6,588.

Today, Roanoke College is recognized by its peers and the national media for our exceptional scholastic achievements. We can ensure the continuation of the Roanoke College mission through a stable, growing Endowment Fund.