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Campus Journey

For the past quarter century, Roanoke College has celebrated as a series of campus construction projects and renovations have been successfully completed, each one touching on a critical aspect of our student experience and the longstanding strength of this beloved institution. 

Fintel library

Fintel Library, built in 1991.

a student working out in the fitness center

The Belk Fitness Center, first built in 1998.

the top of west hall and the mountains behind it

West Hall, added to campus in 1998.

the colket center

The Colket Center, built in 2000.

trout hall

Trout Hall, built in 2004.

the CBR complex

The CBR Complex: Caldwell, Beamer, and Ritter halls, built in 2005.

miller hall in the snow

Miller Hall, built in 2006.

Kerr stadium from above

Kerr Stadium, built in 2007.

students sitting on the grass in front of lucas hall doing work

Lucas Hall, renovated in 2010.

New hall

New Hall, built in 2012.

students sitting outside the Wortmann complex doing homework and chatting

The Wortmann Complex: Blue Ridge, Shenandoah, and Tabor halls, built in 2015.

outside the bank building

The Bank Building, added to campus in 2015.

an overhead shot of the cregger center

The Cregger Center, built in 2016.

the outside of the Monterey house

The Monterey House, renovated in 2018.