2020 Parent Tributes

To Phillip L. W. Bagshaw:

Phillip, From the start, your entire family has supported your time as a Maroon. This is your adventure, son. We just got you to the beginning and you took it from there. You're the man we all knew you'd be and you make us so proud. We can't see what lays ahead but we know your future is bright and look forward to seeing what paths you'll take. This small donation to the Fine Arts Department is for you. I know if you were to donate to RC, that's where it would go. I love you Phillip!


To Evan Shuck: 

Congratulations, Evan, on your accomplishments, learning, and personal growth while at Roanoke!
Love, Dad and Mom


To Eric Wootton: 

Congratulations, Eric! We are so proud of you.
Mom and Dad