Account Information:
If the stock is held in a brokerage account, please use the following information to transfer the security electronically:

Wells Fargo Advisors

  • DTC: #0141
  • Roanoke College Account: #67296256
  • Phone: (540) 345-6771

Merrill Lynch/Bank of America

  • DTC: #8862
  • Roanoke College Account: #71504061
  • Phone: (540) 985-5497

If using this method, please review securities transaction procedures below and submit Notice of Intent to Gift Stock.

Stock Transaction Procedures:
Roanoke College accepts gifts of securities via wire transfer from the donor's broker to Roanoke College's account. Per Roanoke College policy, all securities are sold upon receipt.

  • The donor effects the transfer by wire by transferring the stocks/securities to Roanoke College's Wells Fargo or Bank of America Account;
  • After the transfer is initiated by the donor, he or she should inform Roanoke College of the number of shares and name of the stock transferred to the Roanoke College securities account;
  • Roanoke College places an order to sell, and then requests the sell proceeds;
  • Upon receipt of the Trade confirmation from the broker, Roanoke College informs the contact person at the donor's brokerage by sending the Sale of Securities/Transaction Record;
  • The check representing the proceeds of the transaction is received by Roanoke College and the recipient project is credited.

PLEASE NOTE: The Coordinator for Gifts Management will mail an official acknowledgement and receipt for the gift to the donor.