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Why Give

Roanoke is a place where we help students figure out what they are truly capable of. We teach our students to outdo themselves because the world needs people who want more than business as usual. More than a place, it’s an ideal. Roanoke encourages hard work, imagination, initiative, problem solving and responsibility to community. When you invest in Roanoke, you enable these ideals to take root and thrive in our students, our faculty, the region and beyond.

Roanoke is where it is today — poised for an unprecedented transformational leap — because of the hard work and generous hearts of those who came before us. We are standing on the shoulders of our entire Roanoke community. Our students come with great aspirations and discover even greater ambitions when they get here. Our graduates are talented, capable and determined to make a difference.

Why Give?

  • For Roanoke’s commitment to its students
  • For its innovative curriculum
  • For the life-changing relationships and experiences fostered here

This college — your college — has caught the eye of many in higher education. Roanoke has gone from being called the best regional college in the South to a Top 10 Up and Comer among the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. U.S. News & World Report publishes the list, but it was the presidents and deans of other colleges who chose Roanoke out of thousands of colleges around the country. We didn’t seek it, but those in the know said we deserved it.

By many measures, Roanoke College is in the midst of being recognized as one of the nation’s top liberal arts colleges. Is it the accolades we care about? Not at all. It’s what they represent: that this small College, which prizes each student’s potential, has done the work to be a standard of excellence the world over, helping young people discover what they are truly capable of.