Revenue and Expense Ideas

Revenue and Expense Ideas

Our mission is to develop students as whole persons and prepare them for responsible lives of learning, service, and leadership by promoting their intellectual, ethical, spiritual and personal growth. This is a complex endeavor that requires an array of resources.

One of the greatest resources that we have is the creativity and insight of our own faculty and staff. So we want to know if you have ideas. What are cost saving strategies and/or revenue generating ideas that you see?

For example, cost saving and/or revenue generating ideas may address one of the following questions (or a variety of others):

-Are there non-academic programs that would be of interest to our students?
-Are there academic programs that might draw new students to Roanoke?
-Are there innovative recruiting strategies we could implement?

Expense Ideas

We are looking for ideas that will lead to significant cost savings and free up resources. However, we want to be cautious of cost saving ideas that:

-diminish our ability to pursue our mission
-significantly impact the student experience in a negative way
-compromise our ability to recruit and retain students

If you have a cost saving idea that will help us better maximize our resources, we want to know. You may click here to submit your idea.

Revenue Ideas

We are interested in revenue generating ideas that you might have for the College as well. When considering your idea, keep in mind that revenue generating ideas should:

-be consistent with our mission
-enhance our reputation
-attract or involve significant numbers of students
-generate significant revenue

If you have a revenue generating idea that you would like to share, we want to know. You may click here to submit your idea.