Biology Department Approved Seminars and Events

The Biology Department hosts a variety of events. 

  • Events that are approved for seminar credit are labeled.  Other events listed are Biology Club or Biology Dept social events.
  • Typical seminar credit events include the Alumni Showcase (Workforce/Healthcare Tracks), Research Seminars, and Student Presentations (Thesis Defense/Research Showcase)

Schedule Fall 2022

9/2 - SOCIAL EVENT: Activities Fair

  • Friday, Sept 2 @ 4:30 pm - Back Quad
  • Come sign up for the Biology Club

9/8 - SOCIAL EVENT: Biology Club & Biology Dept Picnic

  • Thursday, Sept 8 @ 6 pm - Longwood Park Picnic Shelter #5
  • Join the Biology Club and professors for a picnic dinner.

9/9 - WORKFORCE TRACK ALUMNI SHOWCASE: Rob Harbert (Class of 2011)

  • Friday, Sept 9 @ 4 pm - Zoom (Click here)
  • Rob’s area of expertise is bioinformatics. He is currently working for a biotech firm.
  • Seminar credit

9/13 - SEMINAR: Kristin Dunn, Visiting Assistant Professor, Roanoke College

  • Tuesday, Sept 13 @ 7 pm - Massengill Auditorium
  • Investigating the Evolution of Firefly (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) Light Organs through Comparative Morphology
  • Firefly light organs are an interesting and complex character that is novel to the family Lampyridae. No other terrestrial organisms can produce the highly specialized and variable light signals seen in fireflies. This seminar will highlight some of the internal structures responsible for these fascinating light signals and how modifications to the firefly's morphology have allowed for the variety of signals we see today.
  • Seminar credit

9/18 - HIV AWARENESS DAY: Three opportunities to hear the same presentation (plan to attend only one)

  • Sunday, Sept 18 @ 12:15-1:15 pm, 1:30-2:30 pm, 2:45-3:45 pm - Colket Center, Pickle
  • Contact Nadeali Akbar through student email for more details
  • Seminar credit

9/23 - HEALTH TRACK ALUMNI SHOWCASE: Natalie Cox (Class of 2019)

  • Friday, Sept 23 @ 4 pm - Zoom (Click here)
  • Natalie is in the Physician Assistant program at Elon University.
  • Seminar credit

9/23 - RESEARCH SHOWCASE:  Roanoke College Showcase of Research and Creativity

  • Friday, Sept 23 @ 6 pm - Fintel Library, Main Floor
  • Students present research posters from 6-8 pm as part of Family Weekend.
  • Seminar credit possible; check with instructor

    9/28 - MOREL LECTURE: Joshua Golhaber, M.D., Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

    • Wednesday, Sept 28 @ 7 pm - Colket Center, Ballroom
    • Hijacking Biology to Fight Heart Disease in America: Hype or Hope?
    • Seminar credit

    9/30 - INFORMAL Q&A: Joshua Golhaber, M.D., Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA

    • Friday, Sept 30 @ 3:30 pm - Massengill Auditorium
    • Informal Q&A for students on the future of medicine

      10/7 - WORKFORCE TRACK ALUMNI SHOWCASE: Emily LeClerc (Class of 2019)

      • Friday, Oct 7 @ 4 pm - Zoom (Click here)
      • Science Writer, Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin, Madison
      • Your path forward doesn't have to be a straight line. In high school I wanted to be a musician. I then graduated from Roanoke with a degree in biology. And now I am a writer. Straight lines are boring.
      • Seminar credit

      10/24 - CAREER PANEL: Tyler Quigley, ENVI and BIOL; Ross Dove, CHEM; Nicole Sabilia, ENVI

      • Monday, Oct 24 @ 7 pm - Zoom (Click here)
      • A Zoom Talk about the Cannabis Industry
      • Seminar credit

      10/27 - SEMINAR: Wade Bell, Professor of Biology, Virginia Military Institution

      • Thursday, Oct 27 @ 7 pm - Massengill Auditorium
      • Contributions of Mitochondria to Cell Behavior and Cell Cycle Regulation.
      • Our investigations of the mitochondria of Paramecium have led us to unexpected discoveries that suggest these ancient symbionts are integrated into cell decision-making beyond what we currently understand. We use behavioral assays and live cell imaging to elucidate some of the interesting phenotypes observed when mitochondrial physiology is perturbed. Seminar credit

        10/28 - SOCIAL EVENT: Biology Dept Halloween Party

        • Friday, Oct 28 @ 3-5 pm - Life Sci 301
        • Join the Biology department for some Halloween fun! Win a door prize, play games, paint a pumpkin, create a craft, see creepy crawly stuff, and eat too much candy. Costumes Encouraged!

        10/31 - CAREER WORKSHOP: Dr. Marilee Ramesh, Biology and Mr. Jonathan Lee, PLACE

        • Monday, Oct 31 @ 5 pm - Life Sci 301
        • Join Dr. Ramesh from the Biology Department and Mr. Jonathan Lee from the PLACE to find out more about Internship Options in Biology and how to earn a College unit while gaining job experience.
        • Start your Halloween off right with a plan for your future. Costumes encouraged. Treats provided.
        • Seminar credit

        11/2 - INTERNSHIP Q&A: Mike Pensinger, Master Brewer at Parkway Brewing

        • Wednesday, Nov 2 @ 7 pm - Massengill Auditorium Pickle in Colket Center
        • QA and QC: Biology in Brewing
        • Science Majors are Perfect for Brewing Beer. Want To Learn More About This Career?
        • Seminar credit

        11/4 - WORKFORCE TRACK ALUMNI SHOWCASE: Jeremy Peavey (Class of 2016)

        • Friday, Nov 4 @ 4 pm - Zoom (Click here)
        • Quantitative Analyst for Verana Health
        • My current position is at a health tech company that intersects the disciplines of medicine, analytics, and public health. At Verana Health we maintain several of the largest clinical databases in medicine to empower physicians and life sciences companies with accelerating research for patients. I personally work under the quantitative sciences division on the Neurology team. Our team uses ingested data from EHR systems across the US to create disease-specific data modules that are used in real-world evidence studies.
        • Seminar credit

        11/11 - HEALTH TRACK ALUMNI SHOWCASE: Natalie Parrish (Class of 2019)

        • Friday, Nov 11 @ 4 pm - Zoom (Click here)
        • Natalie is currently in the Pharmacy program at Shenandoah University
        • Seminar credit

        11/15 - SEMINAR: Rebecca Currie, Senior Ecotoxicologist, Global Toxicology, Arxada

        • Tuesday, Nov 15 @ 7 pm - Massengill Auditorium
        • From Biology 101 to Global Chemical Risk Management – An Academia’s Cliff Dive into Industry
        • Dr. Currie will discuss working for the chemical industry from the perspective of an environmental scientist. She will provide a high level overview of EPA’s risk based approach to managing industrial chemicals and the role science plays in chemical regulations. Students should gain an understanding of how risk management leads to safer consumer products.
        • Seminar credit

        11/21 - THESIS DEFENSE: Jarod Le

        • Monday, Nov 21 @ 3 pm - Life Science 402
        • Using linear regression and PathFX networks identifies genes associated with psychiatric drug effects in zebrafish screens
        • Seminar credit

        12/1 - WORKSHOP: Joe Crowder, Virginia State Police and Christine Wright, Bradley Free Clinic

        • Thursday, Dec 1 @ 7 pm - Wortmann Ballroom
        • Revive! Opioid Overdose and Naloxone Education Training
        • An educational session followed by NARCAN training. NARCAN provided for free to 80 particpants. All participants receive NARCAN certfication.
        • Seminar credit

        12/2 - WORKFORCE ALUMNI SHOWCASE: Isabel Hildesheim (Class of 2020)

        • Friday, Dec 2 @ 4 pm - Zoom (Click here)
        • Environmental Scientist with Bowman Consulting Group Ltd.
        • In my current job I conduct wetland delineations, threatened and endangered species reviews, Phase I environmental site assessments, and perennial flow determinations and write the associated reports for an engineering firm. Previously I served as an AmeriCorps volunteer in both Colorado (Assessment Inventory and Monitoring Technician) and Maine (Outdoor Recreation Facilitator).
        • Seminar credit