Planning Beyond RC

Ninety-one percent of those who participated in the alumni survey indicated receiving job offers or an acceptance to graduate school within six months of graduation. Biology Department students are entering competitive graduate schools, health professional schools, and businesses. Our students interested in health careers are guided by a Health Professions Advisory Group.

Examples of these programs and employers include:

Health Professions (Medical/Dental/Vet/Etc.)

Boston University, Medicine
Case Western Reserve, Medicine
Eastern Virginia Medical School, Medicine
Jefferson College of Health Sciences, Physicians Assistant
Johns Hopkins University, Medicine
Medical University of South Carolina, Physical Therapy
Medical College of Virginia, School of Medicine
Shenandoah University, School of Pharmacy
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, School of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine
University of Virginia, School of Medicine
VCU, School of Pharmacy
Virginia Tech, School of Veterinary Medicine
West Virginia University, School of Medicine

Graduate Programs

Cambridge University
Fordham University
Michigan State University
MIT/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Philadelphia University
Thomas Jefferson University
Tulane University
University of Arizona
University of California, San Diego
University of Cincinnati
University of Indianapolis
University of North Carolina
Virginia Tech
Wake Forest University
William & Mary


American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institute
Novozymes Biologicals
University of Virginia