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Commonly Used Object Codes

All properly completed requests will be paid per vendor terms.

Remember to have dual "signatures" for each disbursement - requestor and financial approver.

Continue to send all documents to

Accounts Payable will continue to process E-Checks every friday, as vendor terms allow.

  • All Roanoke College employees will continue to be paid with E-Checks. Self Service - Refunds and Reimbursements
  • We encourage students to also sign up for that method of reimbursement. Self Service - Refunds and Reimbursements
  • A Reminder that there is no longer Petty Cash Disbursements in the College Hall building - all reimbursements are by request for check.

Accounts Payable will process Paper checks the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month.

Please encourage your vendors to sign up for  E-Check payment. Here is the form they can submit to

 How to enter your Accounts Payable Bank Information

Roanoke College has implemented an Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Program called E-Checks.  The program allows automatic deposit of employee reimbursement requests and travel advances directly into the bank account of your choice. E-checks became effective June 1, 2010.

E-Check is mandatory for all Roanoke College Employees for any reimbursements submitted.

Note: You must create your accounts payable refunds banking information separate from your college payroll direct deposit banking information. You access both processes through Self-Service.

Using Self-Service (accessible from Inside Roanoke/My Roanoke -

  • Choose Banking Information
  • Add An Account - Refunds, Reimbursements, Payments

Remember to edit your banking information if your banking relationship changes.

    If you have any questions about this process, you may email 

    Forms & Policies

    See the Business Office Forms & Policies page under the Business Office page.