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All properly completed requests will be paid per vendor terms.

All Payment Requests

Accounts Payable will continue to process E-Checks and paper checks every Friday, as vendor terms allow.

  • All Roanoke College employees will continue to be paid with E-Checks. Self Service - Refunds and Reimbursements
  • We encourage students to also sign up for that method of reimbursement. Self Service - Refunds and Reimbursements
  • A Reminder that there is no longer Petty Cash Disbursements in the College Hall building - all reimbursements are by request for check.

Please encourage your outside vendors to sign up for echeck payments 

 How to enter your Accounts Payable Bank Information

Roanoke College has implemented an Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Program called E-Checks.  The program allows automatic deposit of employee reimbursement requests and travel advances directly into the bank account of your choice. E-checks became effective June 1, 2010.

E-Check is mandatory for all Roanoke College Employees for any reimbursements submitted.

Note: You must create your accounts payable refunds banking information separate from your college payroll direct deposit banking information. You access both processes through Self-Service.

Using Self-Service (accessible from Inside Roanoke/My Roanoke -

  • Choose Banking Information
  • Add An Account - Refunds, Reimbursements, Payments

Remember to edit your banking information if your banking relationship changes.

    If you have any questions about this process, you may email 

    Forms & Policies

    See the Business Office Forms & Policies page under the Business Office page.