Accounts Payable Checks and E-Checks

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 Accounts Payable Payment Schedule:

All properly completed requests received in the Business Office by 12:00 pm Friday will be paid as follows:

  • e-Checks posted to vendor's account on the following Friday

  • Paper checks available, in Cashier's Office, after 2:00 pm on following Friday

Please do not place special check requests in the campus mail or in the mailbox in the Cashier's office, but rather hand deliver to the Accounts Payable on the 2nd floor as soon as possible.

It is the responsibility of the submitter to be aware of the vendor's payment terms and due date.  While invoices are typically paid as submitted, the Business Office may schedule payments closer to the vendor due date to better manage cash flow.  Please do not promise payment prior to the due date stated on the vendor invoice.

We understand that there may be occasions when a payment is needed outside of the normal check run schedule.  If the vendor cannot accept a credit card payment and a paper check is required, please contact the AP team to explain the circumstances.  As part of the College's internal controls, checks processed outside of the normal schedule require approval by the Comptroller or Assistant Vice President of Finance. 

Please Note:

  • Changes in this schedule may be made to accommodate holiday's and school closings. 

  • Properly completed requests/forms are required to consist of the following:      

    • Full account number
    • Payable name
    • Remittance address
    • Check routing instructions 
    • All supporting documentation (as indicated by current Roanoke College policies)
    • Requestor's signature 
    • Authorized/approval signature
    • W-9 Form (where applicable)

  • Payment requests from a restricted account will require further approval within the Business Office and may necessitate one extra processing schedule.   

 How to enter your Accounts Payable Bank Information


Roanoke College has implemented an Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Program called E-Checks.  The program allows automatic deposit of employee reimbursement requests and travel advances directly into the bank account of your choice.  E-checks became effective June 1, 2010.

E-Check is mandatory for all Roanoke College Employees for any reimbursements submitted.

To ensure payment of your reimbursements please enter your bank information following the instructions provided below.  The banking information will be securely stored in an encrypted format on the Colleague System.  This encryption complies with all current banking regulations and cannot be viewed by other system users.  The steps to enter your information are simple and only need to be completed once:

NOTE : This is a separate process from any banking information you may have provided for direct deposit of your paychecks.

Log onto MyRoanoke via the Roanoke College website.

  1. Under the WebAdvisor menu select:
    • Financial Information
    • Account Payable Bank Info – this will open a new window
  2. Enter your routing number.  If you don’t know your routing number, click the hyperlink “How do I find the routing number and bank account number?” for more information.
  3. Re-enter your routing number.
  4. Enter your bank account number in this field.  If you don’t know your bank account number, click the hyperlink “How do I find the routing number and bank account number?” for more information.
  5. Re-enter your bank account number.
  6. Select either Checking or Savings account.
  7. Select e-mail for the payment advice delivery method.  Please note that e-mail is the only delivery method available and you will receive an error message if this field is left blank.
  8. The effective date defaults to the current date and should not be changed unless the information you enter takes effect at some point in the future.
  9. The confirmation e-mail address displayed should be your Roanoke College e-mail address.
  10. Select “I Agree” to agree to the stated terms and conditions.  You must agree to the stated terms and conditions before you are permitted to add your bank information
  11. Select the “Submit” button


For further information on each field, you may click on the “?” visible in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once you have submitted your bank information, you will receive a confirmation email.

If you have any questions about this process, you may email 

Forms & Policies


See the Business Office Forms & Policies page under the Business Office page.