Business Office Forms

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To ensure your payment is processed by the scheduled check date please remember to fill out forms completely, include an approval signature, appropriate account coding, and attach all supporting documentation.  Also please note per policy checks cannot be issued more than 30 days out from the event.

 If you have any questions please contact

Purchase Order Requisition
  • This requisition should be submitted for goods where the total purchase is $5,000 or more.  Requisitions must be submitted and approved before the goods are ordered. Please allow two business days after receipt in our office for the requisition to be processed and approved.  For full details please refer to the Roanoke College Purchasing policy.

This form is required of any new vendor providing a service or when requesting payment of a honorarium.  An updated W-9 form should be submitted for a vendor with any change in tax information/address.  A W-9 form ensures the collection of accurate/updated information that is signed/verified by the vendor.  Also, as yearly audit regulations become more extensive having this information will be pertinent to keep us in compliance with all accounting and IRS regulations. For further information please see our Roanoke College - W-9 Form and 1099 Tax Reporting Guidelines (this document is also accessible in the Policies section of the Accounts Payable and Purchasing Page).

Effective 7/1/2014 and until further notice, this form must be completed for all staff travel/trips for conferences and professional development prior to commitment of College funds (travel for recruitment and fund raising do not need prior approval by a VP).  Allow at least two weeks for processing, prior to need for commitment of funds.  This form is in addition to the Travel Advance Request and/or Travel Expense Report.

This form is used for requesting money to take with you to cover business related costs while on your trip.

This form is used for the following purposes:

- Request reimbursement for travel expenses incurred.

- Report expenses for a previously issued Travel Advance.

This form is to be used to request payment for individuals performing a service for which an invoice will not be provided.

Credit Card/Visa Related Forms

This form is for RC Faculty or Staff to request a individual or department VISA card.

Per policy it is the Roanoke College VISA Cardholder's responsibility to obtain itemized transaction receipts from the vendor each time the credit card is used.  Cardholders must attempt to get the receipt from the vendor.  If the receipt is not available, the cardholder must attach a completed Missing Receipt Disclosure for each receipt missing.

General Accounting Related Forms

This form should be used for transferring expenses that have already been paid to a different account.

This form should be used for transferring money to a different account to cover expenses not already incurred.

Please note that Microsoft Excel forms allow data to be entered and calculations performed.