Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar 2023
Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar 2022

Monthly Payroll Calendar 2023
Monthly Payroll Calendar 2022

Student Payroll Calendar 2023
Student Payroll Calendar 2022

Employment Forms

Note: The employment forms have been moved to the Human Resources webpage. Click on below link:
Human Resources 

**Exempt Employees-Leave Submission form is located on the Human Resources webpage.

Time Submission for Monthly, Bi-Weekly and Student Employees

  1. Monthly employees are required to submit their leave (vacation, sick/personal, jury duty, funeral) electronically under the "Leave Submission Form (Exempt Employees Only)" link located on the Human Resources webpage (link listed above under "Employment Forms").
  2. Bi-Weekly and Student employees working in the Cavern, Dining, Grounds, Housekeeping, and Plant will be required to use the Attendance Enterprise time clock system located in each area. Employees in this group will be required to swipe their Maroon Card when clocking in/out each day.
  3. Bi-Weekly employees (not listed in #2) will be required to use the Self-Service electronic time card system. As of 10/06/2019, the electronic time card will be located under "Self-Service". After logging in to "Self-Service", select "Employee" and then select "Time Entry". Employees are encouraged to enter time worked daily. The employee will be required to submit time weekly to their supervisor for approval of time. Supervisors will be required to approve the completed time cards each pay period for each week worked. Supervisors can access the employee's time card by going to "Self-Service", select "Employee" and then select "Time Approval". If the supervisor will be absent and unable to approve the employee's time card by the designated deadline, then the supervisor may add an "Employee Proxy" that will be allowed to approve time on their behalf.
  4. As of 10/13/19, Student employees will be required to submit their time electronically each week. If unsure, please discuss with your supervisor which position title to select when submitting time worked (Federal Work Study pay or Regular pay). Federal Work Study hours can only be submitted during the academic year. Electronic time cards should include all time worked (time in/out) and have the appropriate electronic signatures submitted/approved in order to be paid. Failure to complete the electronic time card as required will hold up the processing and could result in payment being made the next pay period.
  5. Please review the above payroll schedules to determine the pay period begin and end dates, submission date and pay date.
  6. Bi-Weekly "time sheets" should only be submitted when prior pay period adjustments are needed.


Bi-Weekly Employee Time Sheet
Student Employee Time Sheet
Student Employee Time Sheet (Federal Work Study) 


(NOTE: You will not be able to access your Self-Service time card until Payroll has completed the Self-Service migration of your time card record.)

Approving Staff Employee Time-Computer
Approving Student Employee Time-Computer
Enter Staff Employee Time-Computer
Enter Student Employee Time-Computer
Employee Self Service Training Manual-Below Items
Ellucian GO Time Entry and Approval

In Self-Service, click "Employee" tab and the following items are available:

Banking Information-This is where you can view and update your banking information for payroll and/or Accounts Payable reimbursements. Be careful when selecting which are to add/change. Please note that changes may take 7-10 business days to process.

Earning Statements-Where you can view your earning statement history (pay advice).

Employee Proxy-Here you can delegate certain types of work tasks to another employee (ex. time approval).

Leave-Here you can view your leave balances.

Position History-Where you can view a list of your positions.

Stipend History-Where you can view a list of your stipends.

Tax Information-W-2 information and can be viewed for a range of calendar years. Consent for e-delivery must be granted in order to view electronically. 1045-C is handled through a third party and will be mailed to your preferred address.

Time Entry-This is where employees can fill out their time cards.

Time Approval-This is where supervisors (or employee proxies) can approve or reject time cards for employees they supervise.

Time History-This is where employees may view paid time cards.

Time History (Supervisor)-This is where you can view time cards for the employees you supervise.