Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar 2018 
Bi-Weekly Payroll Calendar 2019

Monthly Payroll Calendar 2018 
Monthly Payroll Calendar 2019

Student Payroll Calendar 2018 
Student Payroll Calendar 2019

Employment Forms

Note: The employment forms have been moved to the Human Resources webpage.  Click on below link:
Human Resources 

**Exempt Employees-Leave Submission form is located on the Human Resources webpage.

Time Submission for Monthly, Bi-Weekly and Student employees

  1. Monthly employees are to submit their leave (vacation, sick, personal, jury duty, funeral) electronically under the "Leave Submission Form (Exempt Employees Only)" link located on the Human Resources webpage (link listed above under "Employment Forms").
  2. Bi-Weekly employees working in the Cavern, Dining, Grounds, Housekeeping, and Plant Admin. will be required to use the Attendance Enterprise time clock system located in each area. You will be required to swipe your Maroon Card when clocking in/out each day.
  3. Bi-Weekly employees (not listed in #1) will be required to use the electronic time card.  The time card is located under "MyRoanoke".  After logging in to "MyRoanoke", click on "WebAdvisor for Employees", "Time Entry and Approval", and then "Time Entry".  Supervisors and alt. supervisors will be required to approve the completed time card each pay period.
  4. Bi-Weekly "time sheets" should only be submitted when prior pay period adjustments are needed.
  5. Students are required to submit time sheets each pay period.  Please determine with your supervisor as to which time sheet is needed (Federal Work Study pay or Regular pay).  Account numbers are to be provided by the supervisor in each department.  Time sheets should include all information and appropriate signatures in order to be paid.  Failure to complete the time sheet accurately will hold up the processing and could result in payment being made the next pay period.


Bi-Weekly Employee Time Sheet
Student Employee Time Sheet
Student Employee Time Sheet (Federal Work Study) 


-Electronic Pay Advice/W-2 Statements
-Bi-Weekly Employee Electronic Timecard Overview-Video #1

-Bi-Weekly Employee Electronic Timecard Submission-Video #2
-Bi-Weekly Employee Electronic Timecard-Supervisor/Alt. Supervisor Approval-Video #3
-Bi-Weekly Employee Electronic Timecard/Submission History per pay period-Video #4

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