General Information

The Business Office is the central billing and collection point for Roanoke College. We process all tuition payments for student accounts and departmental deposits for the campus community.

Student tuition bills are calculated based on information provided to our office from the Registrar's Office, Residence Life, Admissions, and other college departments. The Business Office works closely with the Financial Aid Department to provide current status on student accounts.

While parking citations are payable at the Business Office, some student fines such as student life are payable within the specific department. 

Each semester is billed separately with fall semester statements presented by July 10th with a due date in August. Spring semester billing is completed by November 20th after students pre-register for spring classes with a December due date. Summer school is billed 30 days prior to start date of the term, and due by the first day of class.  Roanoke College has a three week Intensive Learning term in May.  Summer sessions are four weeks each for early session SE (May/June dates), June session S1, July session S2 and some courses that cover both June/July S3.  Summer billing is based upon units of credit like part-time billing during semesters.  

Student account information is available to students in Self Service and parents thru Person Proxy (permission must be set by student), both provide details of billing and payments.  Statements and receipts may be accessed on the Account Activity tab of Self Service -> Student Finance while payments may be accomplished on the Make a Payment link.  Tuition and enrollment fees may be paid online with a credit card or electronic check. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards are accepted.  Tuition rates and additional information on  payment options are detailed under Student Accounts/Cash Receipts. 

By Roanoke College policy, the student account must be paid at the beginning of the semester or have approved coverage in place.