Wells Fargo Corporate Credit Card Program

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Wells Fargo Corporate Credit Card Program

Welcome to the Roanoke College WellsOne® Commercial Card Program implemented and supported by Wells Fargo. On this page you will find helpful links, PowerPoints and reference guides to help everyone through the transition, card training and with any technical questions.

Ordering & Picking Up a Credit Card

If a new card needs to be ordered for an individual or department please fill out, have signed and submit the form below to Betty Wetmiller (wetmiller@roanoke.edu) in the Business Office.

Credit Card Request

Once the request is approved and the card has arrived, notification will be sent and the card can be picked up from Rhonda Hibbitts (hibbitts@roanoke.edu) in the Business Office. Before using your card please read the following Roanoke College Policies:

  • Roanoke College Travel and Expense Policy
  • Roanoke College Credit Card Policy

These documents are located on the Business Office Financial Policies page.


Please contact Rhonda Hibbitts (540-375-2264, hibbitts@roanoke.edu) or Betty Wetmiller (540-375-2289, wetmiller@roanoke.edu) if you have any questions.

User Guides - PowerPoints

Complete User Guide

• This user guide is the original and contains all user aspects below (basic, cardholder and Approver) all in one document.

Basic User Guide

• This user guide contains the bare basics to login and contact Wells Fargo for technical help.

Cardholder User Guide

• This user guide contains the basic guide plus all information for cardholders to view, apply account coding, upload receipts (by email or using the Wells Fargo mobile application) and reconcile transactions to pass on to their approver on the appropriate date.

Approver User Guide

• This user guide contains the basic guide plus all information for the Approver role. Including web access, account coding reclassification, statement approval and reporting.

Wells Fargo Quick Access Guides

Chip Card Activation - Quick Access Guide

Commercial Chip Card - Quick Access Guide

Cardholder - Quick Access Guide

Approver - Quick Access Guide

Reconciler - Quick Access Guide

CEO Mobile - Quick Access Guide