Faculty & Staff Partnership


The Career Development process is one that ideally should start with students in their early College years.  We invite collaboration and partnerships with faculty and staff in working with our students to help them achieve their goals and plans for "life after Roanoke."   You may also find topics covered on our Student pages:  Career Competencies, Four Year Planning Guides, Career Exploration, Federal Government Opportunities, Internships, Job Search, Recruiters, and Post Graduate Education. Please let us know if we can partner with you or provide information not contained herein.  Email careers@roanoke.edu.  

Student Career Advising

Do you have student advisees for whom you need assistance in career advising?  Maybe you're working with a student interested in a field outside of your academic discipline or area of specialty and don't know what to tell them.  Or they are seeking an internship or other experience outside of the major, and you're not sure what's available.    Feel free to reach out.

Class Presentations & Assignments

Does your course have a component related to career development?  Are you going to be absent, but don't want to cancel class?  Feel free to reach out. 

Topics Include, but are not limited to:

Career Exploration

Cover Letter Writing


Mock Interviews

Resume Writing

Opportunity Knocks

Do you have friends or colleagues who might be able to assist Career Services with internships and job opportunities for our students and recent graduates?  We appreciate all leads!