Student Awards & Scholarships

Michael J. Sandridge Award for Excellence:
This award honors a student teacher who demonstrates the qualities exemplified by Michael J. Sandridge. The annual recipient will be an individual who sees the good in every student and approaches his or her teaching with joy, passion, and strength of spirit.

2021: Hadley Baker
2020: Matthew Clementoni
2019: Caroline Evans
2018: Alaina Thao Nguyen
2017: Alex Schmidt
2016: Laura Dodson
2015: Anna Merz
2014: Kaitlyn A. Bell
2013: Ryan C. Feather

Mack Welford Award:
This award recognizes an outstanding Education student who is working toward an Education minor or full teacher licensure, has a minimum GPA of 2.5, and has also been engaged in service to the community.

2021:  Sydney Chaney
2020:  Dalton Wilson
2019:  Matthew Clementoni
2018:  Hannah Richarson
2017:  Victoria Brown
2016:  Taylor Briese
2015:  Ashley Wolfe
2014:  Emily M. Roach
2013:  Brittany A. Evans
2012:  Kara M. Drabick
2011:  Lucy A. Crook

Jesse Lee and Mary Elizabeth Lucado Award:
A monetary award given by Joseph A. Lucado through an endowment, to the outstanding senior in teacher education.

2019:  Caroline Marciniec
2018:  Tracy Kile
2017:  Emily McQueen
2016:  Chloe Welch
2015:  Connor Sprinkle
2014:  Emily K. Leimbach
2013:  Emily K. Leimbach
2012:  Hillary A. Linkous
2011:  Jamison R. Monahan

Jesse Lee & Mary Elizabeth Lucado Endowed Scholarship:
An endowed scholarship given to one student in a teacher preparation program with a minimum of 3.0 GPA and with preference given to those who are active in campus academic social and sports life in leadership roles. 

2021: Julia Anne Henny
          Carlie Patterson
2020:  Elizabeth Meise
2019:  Lindsey Baxter
2018:  Catherine Whittle
2017:  Laura Baldwin
2016:  Emma Graybill
2015:  Sylvia Tickle
2014:  Leslie Grimes
2013:  Jennifer M. Blaney
2012:  James C. Riggs
2011:  Hillary A. Linkous

Outstanding Senior
Given to the outstanding senior in Education for that year.

2021: Nelly Cardenas-Tapia
2020: Abigail Meade

Patricia Mae Bowen Award

Given to a Student Teacher II striving for excellence in teaching, in school service their school, and in living as a community role model.


Fall 2022: McKenzie Dean
Spring 2023: Enzo Blake

The Whitlow Award

Given to a promising student in Student Teaching II.

2023- Natalie Spruhan, 
          Hannah Slusser
          Sade Holland
          Enzo Blake