Teaching Internships

The Teacher Education Program provides all pre-service teachers with the following field experiences in PreK-12 classrooms: 

EDUC 380: Field-based Internship
You'll intern in a classroom under the direction of a professional clinical faculty member to tutor individual students, provide small group instruction, teach short lessons, and perform all the tasks normally associated with classroom teaching. 

EDUC 371: Diagnostic Reading PreK-6 (for elementary licensure only)
Implementing the techniques and strategies gained in your methods courses you'll work one-on-one to improve a student's reading performance. 

EDUC 490/491/491, Student Teaching:
Our capstone experience, you'll work in a classroom full-time and, under the mentorship of a professional teacher, carry all the responsibilities for classroom instruction and management. 

Teaching Away
If you qualify, the internship or student teaching may be completed away from the Roanoke Valley.

Other field experiences include volunteer tutoring and class projects.

Roanoke Area Sites
Botetourt County Public Schools
City of Salem Public Schools
Roanoke City Public Schools
Roanoke County Public Schools