Environmental Studies

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The Environmental Studies Program at Roanoke College engages you in:

  • investigating pressing local, regional, national and global environmental problems
  • gaining insight into your relationship with nature
  • shaping your role in creating an equitably sustainable world 

The Major [B.S. degree]: 

MAJOR CHECKSHEET: Environmental Studies 
Environmental Students in Forest


  • Intro to Environmental Science (with lab)
  • Intro to Environment and Culture
  • Intro to Environment and Society
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Environmental Practicum


  • Environment, Society and Science: Environmental Social Sciences grounded with scientific literacy
  • Conservation and the Earth's Critical Zone: Scientific exploration of environment, emphasizing Ecology and Earth Science

The Minor:

MINOR CHECKSHEET: Environmental Studies Minor

Three Introductory Environmental courses and three Environmental Studies upper-level courses


  • Urban agriculture
  • Appalachian Trail Conservancy internships
  • Environmental justice
  • Food systems and farming: scientific, sociological and political science research
  • Critical Zone Science; land use impacts at the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory, Sumter National Forest, South Carolina
  • GIS-applications to environmental problems
  • Community ecology and invasive species in Roanoke Valley
  • Societal impacts of mountaintop removal
  • Native Americans, indigenous cultures, Asian religions and environmental thought

Environmental Students in DC


  • Environmental Justice
  • Conservation Science (with lab)
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems
  • Critical Zone Science (with lab)
  • Sustainable Cities
  • Sustainability and spirituality in the Pacific Northwest

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