Extracurricular Music Activities

Enrich your learning experience at Roanoke College by participating in extracurricular music activities. The college has several a cappella groups: Mainstreet, Looking for and Echo, and the RoaNotes that offer a variety of performance experiences, including public performances, touring, and recording CDs.

Looking for an Echo is an all men's a cappella group currently composed of eleven RC students. The group began in the spring of 1996 and recently completed a week long tour of northern Virginia high schools recruiting singers for the Roanoke College Choir.

Mainstreet is an all women's a cappella group currently composed of twelve RC students. The group began in the spring of 1999 and has just finished its debut CD. Mainstreet is in the process of planning recruiting tours.

The RoaNotes is an energetic, student-led a cappella group at Roanoke College. We are the only mixed group on campus, and hold auditions each Fall to add new members to our a cappella family. Not only do we perform our original arrangements at several regular on-campus events, but we also compete each year in the ICCAs and are available for events in the Roanoke community.