5 Women Wearing the Same Dress

November 14, 15, 16, 17, 2001

Frances Lori Spitzer*
Meredith Gina Feazelle
Trish McKinley Goad
Georgeanne Beth Feazell*
Mindy Johannah Riling
Tripp Christopher Sloan*

Director – Dr. Bruce Partin*
Stage Manager – Antonia Samaritano
Assistant Stage Managers – Joe Stephenson, Becky Lewis-Whitson
Scene Designer/ Technical Director – George Arthur*
Scene Painting/ Set Dresser – Stacey Horne
Scene Shop Assistants – Lori Spitzer, Eric Seelbach, Stacey Horne
Props – Antonia Samaritano, Lauren Maul, Casey Harman, Jennifer Whitmore, Courtney Smith, Gina Feazelle, Lori Spitzer
Sound- Stacey Horne
Set Construction/ Painting – Joan Bennet, Josh Collins, Justin Freedman, Joe Ghobrial, Amanda Goad, Chris Sloan, Jennifer Granger, Casey Harman, Breanna Lawson, Becky Lewis-Whitson, Ashley Marsh, Lauren Maul, Katie Quillen, Erin O’ Connell, Eric Seelbach, Meredith Paul, Courtney Smith, Jennifer Whitmore, Karlee Yurek*
Poster Design- Payal V. Patel
House Managers – Many Philips, Heidi Weddle

denotes member of Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honors Society.