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Sleeping Handsome (Winter 2024)

Sleeping Handsome

by Bill D'Agostino

February 23-24, 2024


CAST (in order of speaking/appearance):

Lily/Queen/Dawn - Lizzie Clay*

Nicodemus/Connor/Fletcher - Ruthie Nutt

*indicates member of Alpha Psi Omega



Stage Manager – Emy Hampton*

Assistant Stage Managers – Andrea Flores-Gomes* and Lia Shaw

Dramaturg – Lizzie Clay

Set and Properties Design – Rob Bessolo

Costume and Makeup Design – Audrey Hamilton 

Lighting Design – Rob Bessolo

Technical Direction – Rob Bessolo

Box Office/Building Manager – Ronda Philips

Head of Wardrobe/Dressers – Emy Hampton*

Wardrobe/Dressers – Hunter Gall, Annalisa Green, Michaela Mogavero, Colleen Stowe, and Ingrid Zeiner

Poster Design – Mike Johnson and Ashe Gardner

Sound Board Operator – Dennis Hepworth*

Light Board Operator – Jenna Thompson

Set and Lighting Crew – Dennis Hepworth*, Heather Lowery, Jillian Morgan*, Ruthie Nutt, Sabrina Rogers, and students of THEA 125

Director – Danielle Barre

*indicates member of Alpha Psi Omega

Sleeping Handsome

February 23-24, 2024