Flight of the Raven

June 28, 29, 30, 2001

Christopher Sloan

Rachele Contreras

Karen Arthur

Paul X Howle

Gina Feazelle

Lori Spitzer

Annie McKistner

Dodgson duck, Mad Duchess, Red Queen, Forest, Humpty Dumpty

Rabbit, Mouse, Duchess, Red Queen, Forest, Humpty Dumpty

Frog Footman, Red King, White Queen, Forest

Lewis, Lory, March, Hare, Forest, Wicket, Drummer boy

Dodo Bird, Caterpillar, Queens Ball, Forest, Baby Cry, CookAlice


Crab, Alice’s Ball, Cheshire Cat, Forest, White Knight

Director - Lisa C. Warren
Technical Consultants - George Arthur, John Dorsey, Lori Spitzer
Bomb Pop Girl - Lindsay Arthur
Program - Ronda Philips