HHP General Education Requirement

Lifetime Activity Program Mission Statement: The Lifetime Activity Program uniquely contributes to the General Education Curriculum by developing in each student the skills, knowledge and dispositions necessary to acquire and maintain general health and wellness and to live a physically healthy lifestyle. Building on the integrative approach expressed in the Roanoke College purpose statement, the LAP program fosters learning IN, ABOUT and THROUGH human movement. Learning in movement refers to psychomotor outcomes including health and skill related fitness and movement competence in recreation or sport activities. Learning about movement refers to cognitive outcomes including knowledge of fitness assessment and prescription, personal health issues and knowledge of movement forms. Learning through movement refers to affective outcomes including appreciation  and gratitude for the human body and the joy of skillful and expressive movement.

All students must successfully complete HHP 160 (Fitness for Life). In addition, students must take one other lifetime activity course (HHP 101-159). HHP 160 is a prerequisite for all other activity classes.

Varsity athletes may receive competency in one lifetime activity but must successfully complete HHP 160 (Fitness for Life). Students will receive competency in a varsity sport after successfully completing at least one season at Roanoke College.

The College offers adapted physical education activities individuals with disabilities who must have a modified program.

The Department offers the following one-quarter-unit activity courses:

HHP 101-159 General (each 1/4 unit):

HHP 101 Tennis

HHP 106 Badminton

HHP 114 Yoga

HHP 123 Dance-Modern

HHP 128 Karate (Must provide own attire. Completion of yellow belt can be accomplished in the course.)

HHP 130 Scuba Diving (Swimming proficiency is necessary and student may be required to take a swim test. Extra fee required. Must provide own transportation [arranged in class] for open dives. Completion of certification is possible in the course. Must provide own mask, fins, and snorkel. Open dives often scheduled on weekends.)

HHP 136 Racquetball

HHP 141 Fencing

HHP 142 Backpacking (Some Saturday and overnight weekend hikes are scheduled and required. Must provide own transportation [arranged in class]. May be required to provide own equipment.)

HHP 159 Pilates