Alpha Epsilon Delta

Roanoke College was granted a chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), the national health pre-professional honor society. The chapter recognizes outstanding students who intend to pursue a career in a health profession.

Roanoke is Virginia's seventh institution and only the second liberal arts college (after Washington & Lee) to be granted a chapter.

  • AED sponsors a wide range of informative and interesting health-related activities - including speakers and medical demonstrations.
  • AED provides a networking forum for students and faculty to meet on a regular basis in both formal and informal settings.
  • AED has a strong community service orientation that provides opportunities for health-related service projects such as blood drives, volunteer work at a free-clinic and working at the Ronald McDonald House.

Gain real-life experience before you graduate and distinguish yourself from others, for employment or post-graduate study. The Pre-Health Professions at Roanoke continue to grow in strength and recognition.


The birth of AED occurred in the spring of 1926 when Dr. Sidney A. Mitchell discussed his idea of forming an honorary fraternity at the University of Alabama with fellow premedical students and Dr. Jack Montgomery. The 1926-27 school year was devoted to completing the organization of the new fraternity and developing a program of activities. The first initiation of new members was held on March 4th, 1927 following the election of eight students who had completed at least three semesters of premedical work and whose grades placed them in the upper fifth of their class and one faculty member.

The University of South Carolina became the first organization from another school to petition for a chapter and a charter and membership certificates were sent to the club which arranged a program and banquet on May 20th, 1928 and became the South Carolina Alpha Chapter. An interesting note in the history was that the original constitution as drawn up by the founders had limited membership to male students; however, in February 1929 an amendment was adopted which admitted women to membership and two women were initiated on February 15th, 1929. Under Dr. Carmichael's initiative, AED became an associated society of the American Association for the Advancement of Science on October 28th, 1936.alpha epsilon delta banner

By September 1940 there were 31 chapters with a membership of 2500. March 21-24, 1951 was a great occasion for AED as 286 members, guests and national dignitaries attended and participated in a four day program at The University of Alabama in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the society's founding.

Four regional conferences were sponsored by AED in December 1954 and spring 1955 for medical, dental, pre-professional advisors and educators to discuss, question and evaluate the findings and recommendations of the Severing House Survey Report of that time. Two very important national officers and leaders in AED for many years were elected at the 1960 convention. Dr. Norman Witt was elected as National President and Fr. Charles V. Reichert.

A landmark was reached when the 100th chapter was added to the role with the installation of South Carolina Gamma at Clemson University on February 20th, 1971, just 45 years after the founding of AED. In 1985, two new chapters were installed, bringing the chapter roll to 147 and by December 31st 1985, as the 60th year approached, AED membership totaled 83,379.

aedAs the 75th Anniversary Convention approached several notable changes occurred. One of the most important was the relocation of the National Office to the campus of James Madison University under the leadership of the National Secretary, Dr. Cletus Sellers and the Administrative Assistant, Mrs. Fonda Weaver. The relocated National Office was quickly established with positive effects resulting in rapid and efficient response to questions, processing of National Memberships, and issuing of membership certificates.

Expansion of chapters through 2005 brought the number of installed chapters to 190 with this installation of California Theta Chapter at the University of California Los Angeles. Dr. T.G. Jackson, Dr. Donald Schreiweis were re-elected to their respective offices. Suzette Combs, National Vice President was elected National Secretary. Dr. Frank Dyer was elected National Counselor and Sharon Schnarre of the University of Toledo was elected National Vice President and chairperson for the 2006 convention to be held in St. Louis, Missouri. Missouri Beta Chapter at Saint Louis University will be host.

Organization of AED

AED functions both as an Honor Society and service organization. This dual role is reflected in the societal structure and chapter activities.

Government - The business of the Society is conducted by the National Officers, Regional Directors, and active chapters, with authorization of the national convention.

The National Officers are elected by the official delegates at national convention for a two-year term and serve without remuneration.
The Regional Directors assist the National Officers with chapter installations, contacts and visits, conventions, and scholarship programs. The delegates elect each Regional Director for a two-year term at the national convention from chapters in the appropriate region.

General administration of Society activities is conducted through the office of the National Secretary.

Chapters - Chapters may be established in four-year degree-granting accredited colleges and universities. The process requires submission of a petition to the National President, following the outline provided by the National Office. You are invited to contact the National Office for information regarding chapter establishment.

National Convention - The national convention, held biennially, is the governing body of AED. Each member is invited to attend and participate in its program. The National Officers, with the cooperation of the host chapter and Regional Director, arrange the place, date and program of the convention. One official delegate represents each active chapter at the convention. The official chapter delegates constitute the voting members at the business sessions during the convention.

Affiliations - AED is affiliated with the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies.