Technical Tracks


The IT Receptionist/Switchboard is an entry level position used to prepare student workers for various positions such as the ones listed below. Here they will answer the main switchboard phone for Roanoke College, check in student and faculty/staff laptops, and develop skills with Microsoft Office products as they work through the certifications and courses.

Computer Technician

The IT Student Technicians perform a wide variety of tasks for the IT department. Their duties include maintaining the computer labs on campus, repairing student-owned computers and troubleshooting faculty and staff computers. Additionally, technicians may find themselves troubleshooting network-related issues, printer problems, and other random college-owned peripherals such as scanners, cameras, cell phones, telephones, etc. IT Student Technicians are also encouraged to research training opportunities that would benefit their job as a Technician and their chosen technology-related career path. Limited funding is available for qualifying training opportunities.

Instructional Technology Resource Center (ITRC)

ITRC assistants work to support college audiovisual systems on several fronts. Most days they assist students and faculty with operating or troubleshoot AV equipment for class related functions. They are also responsible for answering the ITRC front desk phone, maintaining the ITRC email inbox and outlook calendars, and must respond to and keep support tickets up to date and well documented in a timely manner.

Additionally, they may be asked to setup/operate AV equipment for presentations, events, and other official Roanoke College functions. ITRC Assistants are also encouraged to research training opportunities that would benefit their job as a technician and their chosen technology-related career path.

Other tasks might include - but are not limited to – recording, editing, and posting videos, installing and maintaining AV equipment, and managing, monitoring, and configuring IP based AV control systems.

Technical Support Desk (Helpdesk)

The IT Technical Support Desk is the primary point of communication in User Support and requires extensive knowledge in a variety of areas. Computer related support for faculty, staff, students, and alum is handled by the Support Desk via phone and e-mail. Customer Services skills are essential. Students who work the Technical Support Desk often complete certifications in Microsoft Office products. These certifications are funded by the IT department.

Web Development

IT Web Developers work with the Director of Web and Software Development Services to develop, maintain and deploy web based applications in the support of the college mission. Past projects have included: MyRoanoke Portal, Alumni/Family weekend registration, Admissions online applications, student course evaluation system, campus directory, MOX, Mobile Website, senior auction and much more. Students learn to develop in Adobe Coldfusion web scripting language and use SQL databases, as well as, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Limited funding is available for qualifying training opportunities.

Telecommunications Assistant

The IT Telecommunications (Telecom) Assistant provides support for a number of network-related systems on campus. Their main objectives are to maintain and troubleshoot the campus’ internal phone system, wired and wireless networks, and cable television services. More specifically, technicians within the telecom department may find themselves troubleshooting faculty/staff office phone problems, installing, terminating, and testing network and coaxial cabling, troubleshooting and installing Cisco/Meraki network devices, and resolving student cable television and network connectivity problems.

Telecom Assistants utilize a support ticket system to keep track of appointments and maintain an organized work environment. They also work with a variety of hand and power tools that may be used while installing equipment and cabling on campus.

Students working in the Telecom Department may wish to pursue network certifications or cross-training opportunities with other teams in the IT Department to expand their knowledge and better equip themselves for a future career in IT services.

Reporting Analyst

The Reporting Analyst position works closely with Data Services in the support of the college’s reporting system, Informer.  This position assists faculty and staff in developing reports, managing security, and supporting the overall reporting needs of the college.  More specifically, Reporting Analysts help users on campus design, create, and schedule database queries and present the results in a usable format.  

Students in this position tend to learn a lot about database design and querying.  Additionally, they tend to become much more proficient in data manipulation through Excel, Word, Javascript, HTML, and various query languages. 

Depending on needs and interests, this position often lends itself to certifications and additional training in database administration, database maintenance, and/or database querying.

Print Shop Assistant

The Print Shop Assistants work alongside the Print Services Manager. They play an integral role in the daily work flow of the Print Shop. Expected tasks include such responsibilities as operating digital printers, basic design setup, maintaining the printers across campus, and supplying customers with relevant print materials. A Print Shop Assistant will work directly with customers (answering phone calls, being the first point-of-contact at the front desk, responding to emails, submitting tickets to our support vendor, et cetera) and is directly involved with all projects that are submitted. All of this is done with a focus on customer service, quality, and timeliness.