Our alumni have gone on to do great things.

The experience that you receive as a ITSA worker has helped many of our alumni get a great job in the technology field. Many didn't even major in Computer Science.

Alumni Testimonials

"Since I had 3 years of IT experience when I graduated, I had companies calling me about job postings as soon as I posted my resume online. I am so thankful for the experience I gained from working with such amazing staff and I learned so much from my time in the IT department. I felt extremely confident going for technology related positions that I would have never considered before my time working with the IT staff. My only regret is that I waited to apply until the end of my freshman year!"

 - Kristen McDowell '16

"My degree allowed me to travel the world. But my student job in IT gave me a career.

The Information Technology Department at Roanoke gave me hard-skills and in-demand experience. It gave me a sense of freedom and purpose with my career. It laid a foundation for growth and advancement unparalleled in other industries or job opportunities. With the experience gained, I am now an IT Strategist and Front End Web Developer for major Fortune 500 consulting firm, Booz Allen Hamilton here in Washington D.C.   For students planning to leave Roanoke with a B.A. in nothing I.T. related, do not think for a moment your work experience at this department does not or will not matter down the road. If this I.R. student can find a career opposite to his liberal arts education, so can you! All it takes is this experience, a little bit of hard-work, and a strong willingness to learn!"

photo of adrian gillem

-  Adrian Gillem '15

"I never thought I would end up with a career in Information Technology while I was going to Roanoke College. I studied sociology and music but also worked in the Roanoke College Information Technology office for three and a half years. I learned about up and coming technology, customer service and how to balance projects. The staff treated us (student workers) with respect and showed us how to work in functional teams. After graduation, I found myself looking for positions in IT because of the skills I had acquired working for Roanoke College IT. I now work for the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond managing hardware and software assets. I would have never imagined this career for myself but with help of Roanoke College IT, I fell in love with technology!" 

- Nikkia Young '13 

"Working at the IT department at Roanoke College well-prepared me for the real-world job. When I first began my journey with IT, I had absolutely nothing to offer them.

Not only did I not know any programming language or technical terms, but also, I had no clue how to provide computer support. However, I shortly realized that supervisors were very approachable, forgiving, and helpful. Student Assistant role with the Data Team was hands down rewarding considering how much I've learned. Looking back, I'm proud to see how much improvements I have made of AD, ticketing system, Informer, and many more. Having IT knowledge is very essential and will be even more in the future regardless of your job. I strongly encourage students to work with Roanoke College IT because hands on experience is the best way to learn."

- Suji Hong '20