General Standards and Policies

Information Technology takes the privacy and security of the Roanoke College community very seriously. Please consult our standards of operation below to find out more about the department's policies.

  • Our Red Flag policy is aimed at preventing identity theft. Roanoke College employees are required by law to protect any and all accessible data so as to avoid identity fraud.
  • Information Technology is required by federal law to comply with section 668.14 of the Higher Education Act of 2008. This section covers peer-to-peer file sharing and illegal downloads.
  • The IT Department strictly adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.
  • All Roanoke College staff members are obligated to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that they will exercise proper discretion when viewing data/information which could pose hazard to individual and institutional rights to privacy and confidentiality.
  • When requested, certain directory information can be released without prior consent of the student. A full list of this information can be found on the Registrar's webpage.
  • Those using Roanoke College computer equipment agree to the policies of use.