Graduate Employment Information

Job Placement Information for HEA/HEOA Program         

Updated 4/16/19  

Summary of First Destination Plans, Class of 2018      

(includes graduates from Aug '17, Dec '17 and May '18)

Roanoke College gathers information on employment and graduate/professional school attendance via a combination of tools.   Based on information provided by students during their Senior Exit Interviews, as well as on research from LinkedIn, follow-up emails with individuals, information provided by faculty, and a direct telephone campaign that ended in early September 2018, the following is a summary of First Destination data for the Class of 2018.  

Categories are based on firm commitments*** made by the graduates.

First Destination Data

Total Number of graduates           456

No Information                                   3   (0.66% of total number)

Base Number                                 453*  (99.3%)   

Employed (only)                             297    (65.6%)  
          188 work FT, 39 work PT, and 70 did not specify FT or PT.          

Grad School (only)                          80     (17.7%)

Employed and in grad school        12     (2.6%)  
          4 work FT, 6 work PT, and 2 did not specify FT or PT.

Total number employed or in grad school:  389 (85.9%)

Other**                                              32     (7.1%)                
No Firm Commitment                      32     (7.1%)

*Break-downs and percentages are based on the base number and do not include those on whom we have no information at all.  

**Other includes such activities as returning to Roanoke College to complete additional studies (majors, minors, teacher licensure), pursuing Fulbright and other fellowship opportunities, completing internships before finding employment or while waiting to start graduate school, and traveling.

***Firm commitments is defined as an opportunity which a student/graduate has already accepted and committed to, not a plan or hope of something to happen.

Initial Salary Ranges

Salary Ranges were reported by 98 of the 192 with full-time jobs, as follows, with a median salary of $32,500.

$0-14,999                               9 (9.2%)
$15,000-19,999                    11 (11.2%)
$20,000-24,999                      7 (7.1%)
$25,000-29,999                    13 (3.3%)
$30,000-34,999                    19 (19.4%)
$35,000-39,999                      7 (7.1%)
$40,000-49,999                    19 (19.4%)
$50,000-74,999                    13 (13.3%)

Salary Ranges were reported by 24 of the 45 with part-time jobs, as follows, with a median salary of less than $15,000.

$0-14,999                             18 (75.0%)
$15,000-19,999                      3 (12.5%)
$20,000-24,999                      0 (0.0%)
$25,000-29,999                      1 (4.2%)
$30,000-34,999                      0 (0.0%)
$35,000-39,999                      1 (4.2%)
$40,000-49,999                      1 (4.2%)


Sampling of Employers+:

Auditor of Public Accounts
Booz Allen Hamilton
Brown Edwards
Carilion Clinic
City of Salem
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Hanover Insurance Group
Intercept Youth Services
Northwestern Mutual
Peace Corps
Roanoke College
Total Quality Logistics

Sampling of Graduate/Professional Schools

American University
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine
George Washington University
Jefferson College of Health Sciences
Liberty University
North Carolina State University
Notre Dame
Princeton Theological Seminary
Radford University
University of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Tech

+ The sample list of employers and graduate schools includes those organizations listed most frequently by graduates in addition to a random sampling of others in a variety of geographic locations.

For additional information on employment of graduates, please contact the Career Services Office (540-375-2303),