INQ Faculty Resources

Looking for information related to advising students about INQ requirements? See the general Intellectual Inquiry webpage.

Looking for descriptions of INQ sections being offered in the current or next semester? See the Registrar's Registration Materials webpage.

Looking for descriptions of all of the INQ or HNRS sections ever approved? Email Gail Steehler.

Planning to propose an INQ course? See the Course Proposals and Syllabi webpage. This site gives information on the process of proposing an INQ, HNRS, or disciplinary course. It has documents that describe what is required in each INQ course as well as recommendations for the courses. The proposal form is included. You only need this to propose a new topic. Course proposals are also submitted on this webpage.

Looking for example syllabi from past semesters to help in your course design? Email Gail Steehler.

Looking for lists of requirements and learning outcomes for an INQ course? This information is included in the Guidelines documents on the Course Proposals and Syllabi webpage.

Looking for rubrics used in INQ courses? See below. Most were adapted from AAC&U Value Rubrics, but have been further tweaked for our purposes through the years.

Looking for information about what assessment data you need to collect? Email Gail Steehler.

Need more information? Contact:             
Dr. Gail Steehler
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & General Education                        or 375-2436