Course Proposals

Curriculum Committee and General Education Committee Deadlines

1 Sept: Proposals for courses to be taught first in Spring Term. INQ & HNRS to GEC. All others to CC

1 Nov: Proposals for new majors or changes to existing majors to be effective in fall. All to CC

20 Jan: Proposals for courses to be taught first in Fall Term or May Term (16 months later). INQ, HNRS, and May to GEC. All other course proposals and proposals for new or modified minors and concentrations go to CC.

Proposals for new or revised Disciplinary/Departmental Courses and for new or revised programs go to Curriculum Committee. See the page Curriculum Committee Disciplinary Courses and Programs.

Proposals for new sections of Intellectual Inquiry, Intensive Learning, and Honors Courses go to General Education Committee. They also handle requests for courses to satisfy the Global requirement. See the page General Education Committee: INQ, HNRS & Global Courses

Submit proposals below. Questions? Contact the chair of GEC for questions about INQ, IL, Honors, or Global designations. Contact the chair of CC for questions about non-gen ed courses or program proposals.

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