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Syllabi Resources

Items Required on all Syllabi, with Sample Policies/Statements

Guidelines for Writing Learning Outcomes

For students: How to Read a Syllabus

The button to submit a proposal is at the very bottom of this page. The rest of this page includes materials you need to prepare a proposal.

Curriculum Committee Deadlines

20 Sept: Proposals for courses to be taught first in Spring Term

15 Nov: Proposals for changes to majors/minors/concentrations to be effective in fall

20 Jan: Proposals for courses to be taught first in Fall Term or May Term (16 months later)

Course Proposal Resources

Disciplinary Courses to Curriculum Committee

Disciplinary Course Form

CC Review Criteria

Requests to General Education Committee

Global Designation for an existing course: Global Designation Form

IL/May Term: May Term/IL Course Form

Intensive Learning Faculty Information


NQ 110, INQ 110 Form, INQ 110 Guidelines

INQ 120, INQ 120 Form, INQ 120 Guidelines

INQ 240, INQ 240 Form, INQ 240 Guidelines

INQ 241, INQ 241 Form, INQ 241 Guidelines

INQ 250, INQ 250 Form, INQ 250 Guidelines

INQ 251, INQ 251 Form, INQ 251 Guidelines

INQ 260, INQ 260 Form, INQ 260 Guidelines

INQ 270/271, INQ 270/271 Form, INQ 270/271 Guidelines

INQ 300, INQ 300 Form, INQ 300 Guidelines

HNRS 110,  HNRS 110 Form, HNRS 110 Guidelines

HNRS 120,  HNRS 120 Form, HNRS 120 Guidelines

HNRS 240, HNRS 240 Form, HNRS 240 Guidelines

HNRS 241, HNRS 241 Form, HNRS 241 Guidelines

HNRS 250, HNRS 250 Form, HNRS 250 Guidelines

HNRS 251, HNRS 251 Form, HNRS 251 Guidelines

HNRS 260, HNRS 260 Form, HNRS 260 Guidelines

HNRS 270/271, HNRS 270/271 Form, HNRS 270/271 Guidelines

HNRS 300,  HNRS 300 Form, HNRS 300 Guidelines

Submitting a Course Proposal

  1. If proposing an INQ or HNRS course, get the list of requirements and assessment from the appropriate Guidelines document above. If proposing a departmental course, review program-level learning outcomes. Discuss how the new course will fit into the program with other department members.
  2. Set the course-level learning outcomes. Develop content, activities, and assignments. Write the syllabus. Be sure to include everything on the list of required syllabus (see link above). Your syllabus should contain enough details of topics, readings, activities, and assignments to demonstrate the overall progression and coherence of the course.
  3. In conversation with your department chair (or the relevant program chair), complete the course proposal form. (Links are above) Modify the syllabus if appropriate. Pay close attention to the CC and GEC course guidelines in the table above.
  4. Use the link below to submit your proposal. Your submission will be automatically routed to the correct committee. You will be prompted to upload the completed proposal form and syllabus.
  5. Once submitted, your proposal is sent electronically to your department chair for approval. In addition, INQ proposals are approved by General Education Director, and HNRS proposals are approved by the Honors Director. You will receive automated email notifications of their approval and any changes they make to your uploaded documents. 
  6. The appropriate committee will then review your proposal. The chair of CC or GEC will contact you with comments on the course. Expect to get comments and some requests for changes. Nearly all proposals require at least one round of revisions. 
  7. Please respond to CC/GEC requests for revision or information as soon as possible so that your course can be approved in a timely manner. Courses to be taught in the spring must be approved by the November faculty meeting. Courses to be taught in the fall semester must be approved by the April faculty meeting.

Submit a Course Proposal