Faculty Governance System

The Roanoke College faculty governance system is one of several estates of the College that collectively manage the business of the institution. The Student Government Association and various administrative bodies (the President's Cabinet, Dean's Council, etc.) are the other main estates. The faculty governance system has the faculty as a whole as the central entity. Various committees, councils, groups, and boards exist to carry out specialized functions, but all exist under the umbrella of the faculty as a whole. Typically, business of the faculty will come to a meeting of the general Faculty for final approval, following developmental work by a smaller body.

The faculty's primary responsibility is to support the purposes and mission of the College by proposing and implementing educational goals. The faculty thus has primary responsibility for the educational program including curriculum, academic standards, requirements for graduation, methods of instruction, faculty status, admissions policies and other academic policies. The faculty also has a responsibility for monitoring the impact of all aspects of the College operations on the educational program.

The Faculty has established the following standing committees:

Academic Program Assessment Committee
Academic Standards Committee
Committee for the Monitoring of College Operations
Curriculum Committee
Faculty Affairs Committee
Faculty Development Committee
Faculty Grievance Committee
Faculty Personnel Committee
General Education Committee

Advisory Groups, and Councils have membership beyond the Faculty:

Academic Computer Advisory Group
Honors Program Advisory Group
Institutional Review Board
Resources and Planning Council
Student Life Council

Charges for the above can be found in the Faculty Handbook.