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Students can go abroad with Roanoke College faculty during May Term or study for a semester or year in over fifty countries on six continents. 

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Study abroad is for everyone!

Each year approximately 225 Roanoke College students participate in Roanoke College-sponsored international study programs. We would like to see more students take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

We recognize that people of color face systemic inequities at American higher education institutions and that students of color have been historically underrepresented in study abroad participation. Although students of color do participate in our study abroad programs, we recognize that we can do better to get people of color informed and interested in studying abroad here at Roanoke College.

Study Abroad is for Everyone! is an initiative directed at increasing the study abroad participation of students of color. We want our study abroad rosters to mirror our demographics here at Roanoke College. We aim to do this by evaluating and modifying our current outreach strategies and advising efforts while providing more robust information and resources for students of color.

How can study abroad work for you?

The Roanoke International Office works with students individually to assist them in choosing the study abroad program that best meets their academic, personal, and financial needs.

Step 1: Watch Study Abroad 101

Please click below to get an overview of how study abroad works at Roanoke College:

Step 2: Browse the links below to learn more about our sponsored semester or year programs

Roanoke College Extension Campuses Abroad

Roanoke College is very proud to offer two faculty-led semester programs. Through these showcase programs, we are able to craft a semester tailored to the needs of our students. Please follow the links below to learn more about these exciting programs. 

Spend the fall in Leipzig, Germany

Yucatan group picture

Spend the spring exploring Yucatan, Mexico

Roanoke College International Exchanges

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Students who participate in international exchange programs enroll directly in a foreign university and take courses designed for local students, courses specially designed for international students, or a combination.

Asian Exchanges:

Kansai Gaidai University (Japan)

Waseda University SILS (Japan)

Ewha Women's University (South Korea) 

European Programs:

Aarhus University-Faculty of Arts & Faculty of Psychology (Denmark) 

University of East Anglia (England) 

Otto-Friedrich-Universität (Germany) 

Ludwigsburg University (Germany) 

Universidad Publica de Navarra (Spain) 

University of Ulster (Northern Ireland, UK) 

Middle East/Africa Programs:

American University in Cairo (Egypt) 

Multiple Locations:

ISEP Exchange (schools in over 50 countries!)

Roanoke College Affiliated Programs

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Roanoke College affiliated programs offer a variety of study abroad destinations and structures. They include programs at overseas colleges, programs that facilitate direct enrollment at foreign universities, programs run by other U.S. colleges, and programs run by nonprofit organizations.

Asian Programs:

USAC Chengdu (China) 

USAC Shanghai (China)

USAC Bengaluru (India)

USAC Chiang Mai (Thailand)

European Programs:

Brussels School of Governance/Vesalius College (Belgium) 

University of Nicosia (Cyprus)

Regent's University (England) 

USAC University of Brighton (England) 

CEPA (France)

USAC Pau (France) 

USAC Lyon (France) 

USAC University College Cork (Ireland)

The Umbra Institute (Italy) 

ISI Florence (Italy) 

USAC University of Torino (Italy) 

USAC Bilbao/Gexto (Spain)

USAC San Sebastian (Spain) 

USAC Valencia (Spain)

Latin/South America:

USAC Santiago (Chile)

USAC San Ramon (Costa Rica) 

USAC Uruguay

Middle East:

USAC Israel


USAC Griffith University (Australia) 

USAC Deakin University (Australia) 

James Cook University (Australia) 

USAC Massey University (New Zealand) 

May Term Travel Courses

Roanoke College faculty offer a wide variety of international travel courses during the May Term as part of the Intensive Learning Program. May Travel courses have taken students to every continent except Antarctica. The course content, destinations, and costs vary from year to year. Take a look at the Intensive Learning Travel Courses page for more information.

Summer Study Abroad

Roanoke College is a co-sponsor of the Virginia Program at Oxford, which enables students to participate in a six-week study program at St. Anne's College, University of Oxford. Students may earn a unit of transfer credit in literature and a unit of transfer credit in history.

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Step 4: Meet with RIO!

RIO is happy to discuss study abroad options with you. 

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