We interviewed four of the 2021 Roanoke College graduates in Actuarial Science. Here are some of their experiences.

Here are longer clips from each individual interview.

Andrew Cunningham 

"I've learned analytical problem solving, a deep understanding of statistics, a solid background in math, finance, and financial stability, and how to quantify and deal with risk."


Megan Keehn 

"I had never taken an econ course prior to college. I've really enjoyed those across the board. My professors have been great. I've taken away a lot from them, applying them to the real world has been super helpful."


Eric Lee 

"I enjoy using the statistical methods in an applied setting. Actuarial science combines statistics with the other things that I'm interested in, so it's a really good melding of them all."


Will Merriken 

"Actuarial science is a great major. It prepares you well for a variety of disciplines and there's a lot of interesting things that you get to do along the way."