We interviewed six of the mathematics graduates in the 2021 class of Roanoke College. Here are some of their experiences.

Here are longer clips from each individual interview.

Allison Wagner

"Any time I ever needed help you sat down with me and explained it exactly how I needed to hear it. I don't know how you all do that!"

Brayton Pierce

"The school and the department reward ambition. They say: you want to do this, not only will we help you do this, we'll encourage you to do it."

Kristal Mainsah

"I know how to do analysis of data thanks to Stat Crew. I would have done the Sports Analytics concentration but you added it too late!"

Liv Long

"We get to design our own project. Mine was taking mathematical concepts that aren't normally covered in classes and writing music to showcase what the mathematics is."

Rachel Lindsay

"Everyone in our major is so nice and so fun and we all have really sassy personalities which definitely helps."

Tiffany Bennett

"Because we have a theoretical side and an applied side, I definitely see myself thinking of multiple routes to approach a problem."