End of the Year Party, Physics Group, 2017

The physics group also emphasizes community- we like each other and have fun together. Whether it is our annual celebration of physics (top), our field trips to local science and recreation areas (left, bottom), or learning as a community (bottom, right), we are convinced that science is best learned and practiced in an environment of openness and camaraderie.

An externally combined photo of the physics group on the left and Jared presenting research on the right               

Community serves as a focal point between all levels of membership within the Physics Group. This
includes the availability of the faculty for students, but it extends to the welcoming nature of our physics
lounge where both academic and social pursuits originate. Physics major mentoring (between the upper, JR/SR, and lower levels, FR/SO) is also a priority, and we are still defining what that means formally. The physics faculty hold as a core value the freedom to fail while giving an honest effort, and we desire for our students to follow the model that we are able to provide. Community also exists within the lasting interpersonal relationships after class hours and on weekends, where Physics Group activities are planned and attended.