Description of Opportunities for Physics Research

At Roanoke College, there is a wide variety of opportunities to carry out physics research with faculty mentors.  Whether you are an incoming first-year student, a newly declared physics major, an upper-level student preparing for graduate school, or even a non-major in physics who wants to carry out an in-depth study, the Physics group has an opportunity for you to involve yourself in research.  Below are listed the various opportunities with college-wide program links and/or descriptions of constraints.  Returning to the Physics Research Page will allow you to explore past research topics and faculty interests for carrying out research in physics.

Undergraduate Research Assistant Program (URAP)  College-funded program for incoming and first-year students.

Physics 205 (1/2 credit); two semesters of physics are pre-requisite, no GPA requirement, but faculty approval of student-constructed proposal is required.

Summer Scholar Program College-funded program for upper-level students with GPA > 3.0; this program provides summer housing, stipend, and research credit (Physics 406) for those who complete the program.  Students must complete (or currently enrolled in) one semester of Physics 205 before applying for Summer Scholars.

Independent Study in Physics (Physics 405, 406, or 407)

Honor Thesis in Physics (Physics 496)