Physics Podcast

We interviewed five of the physics graduates in the 2021 class of Roanoke College. Here are some of their experiences.

Here are longer clips from each individual interview.

Brayton Pierce

"The school and the department reward ambition. They say: you want to do this not only will we help you do this we'll encourage you to do it!"

Micah Ray

"All of the math and physics professors are super entertaining and they actually care how you're doing. I wanted one-on-one with professors and I've definitely seen it here."

Rachel Lindsay

"Everyone in our major is so nice and so fun and we all have a really sassy personality which definitely helps."

Rosie Hamad

"One of my favorite moments is when we restarted the astronomy club. It's beautiful to see how much impact the club has on campus."

Sophie Martin

"Hearing different people's approaches to problems helps you figure out which approach is best for you."