Chinese (Mandarin)

About the program

A country with over five thousand years of vibrant history, China has the second largest economy in the world and is one of the United State's most active trading partners. Roanoke's Chinese program focuses on cultural understanding as well as conversational language skills.  

Why study Chinese at Roanoke?

Perspective. Exposure to Chinese language and culture enriches a student's educational experience by offering perspectives from a distinctly different world view.

Edge. Learning the language of the world's top exporter gives graduates a competitive advantage in an increasingly global business landscape.

Growth. One in five people currently speak Chinese. As China's role in world affairs continues to grow, Chinese will become an even more important language worldwide.  

Study abroad

Zhejiang University - Hangzhou China  

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Chinese Professor

Mrs. Rong (Rebecca) B. Chang
Adjunct Senior Lecturer 
Lucas Hall 222