Modern Languages

The Department of Modern Languages seeks to provide students with the skills needed to speak, read, write and comprehend at least one modern language. Graduates develop an appreciation of cultural diversity by understanding the relationship between a language and its respective culture. The Modern Language curriculum equips students with the skills to conduct research and use computer applications in a different language. The program provides a solid foundation for those who wish to pursue a career or graduate studies in a modern language. 

Students posing around Spanish sign Roanoke student sitting on a bridge
Students is traditional German clothes Two students bow on the Great Wall of China
Roanoke student standing with a view of Cinque Terre Roanoke student looking at Japanese lanterns
An image of Russian architecture

Real-world Learning

Students can choose between six unique experiences to further their knowledge of other languages and cultures.  Learn more.

Events and Student Organizations

Students are invited to join organizations and prestigious honor societies that promote the study of languages and cultures. The Department sponsors many events throughout the academic year. Join the Department of Modern Languages on Facebook.