Foreign Language Requirements Info

By meeting competency standards as described below, students are excused from taking some courses to satisfy the General Education requirements. The awarding of competency does not carry academic credit. Rather, it gives students more program flexibility by increasing their number of elective courses and allowing them to move to higher levels of study at a faster pace if they wish. If a student elects to take a course for credit after being awarded competency for that course, the competency is removed (except in foreign language where students cannot elect to repeat coursework for which they have earned competency).

Competency Measurements

Foreign Language Competency for the 101, 102 and 201 courses in a foreign language may be attained by students who earn:

  • a minimum score of 570 on the SAT II Subject Test in a foreign language or
  • a score of 3 on the Foreign Language Advanced Placement Test. (Academic credit at the 201 course level of a foreign language will be awarded for a score of four or five on the Advanced Placement Test.)

Competency will be determined otherwise on an individual basis by scores on an examination administered by Roanoke College faculty.

Students who successfully complete the 102- or 150-level foreign language course will be awarded competency at the 101-level. Students who successfully complete the 201-level foreign language course will be awarded competency at the 101 and 102-level.