About the program

German is the language of three major cultural and financial hubs-Austria, the fourth richest country in the European Union; Switzerland, home of the majestic Alps; and of course Germany, the second-largest exporter in the world. Roanoke's German minor provides excellent preparation for students who wish to work and study in German-speaking areas.   

Why study German at Roanoke?

Skills. Students from many academic backgrounds can enhance their studies and career goals with German language skills.

Connections. German is the language of internationally acclaimed writers, philosophers, scientists, musicians, theologians, psychologists and artists. It is also the language of the foremost European business center.

Chart your course. German students actively explore the world through travel, with options ranging from intensive three-week travel courses to semester or year abroad programs.  

Explore German firsthand

International travel and independent study offer students the chance to gain extraordinary real-world and research experiences while developing their German language skills. Learn more.  

Study abroad

What's next?

Graduate studies Modern language graduates have recently gone on to advanced studies at leading universities in law, medicine, international relations, international development, speech-language pathology, community development and planning, counselor education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.  

Courses Offered in German


Professor Stefanie Fowler head shot

Prof. Stefanie Fowler
Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Lucas Hall 226


Prof. Susan M. Duffy
Adjunct Lecturer 
Lucas Hall 206