About the program

Spoken by approximately 350 million people, Spanish is the fourth most commonly used language worldwide. With a major and minor in Spanish, as well as a concentration in Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Roanoke's Spanish program prepares students for an increasingly global future.  

Why study Spanish at Roanoke?

It's your choice. Roanoke's Spanish program allows students to pursue a range of interests through  interdisciplinary investigations of Spanish language, literature, linguistics, history, art, film, architecture, economics and politics.

It's your world. Spanish students actively explore the world through international travel, with options ranging from intensive INQ Intensive Learning three-week travel courses to semester or year abroad programs.

Immerse yourself. Full language immersion in upper-level Spanish courses significantly improves student comprehension, speech and writing.  

Explore Spanish firsthand

International travel, independent research and internship opportunities offer students the chance to gain extraordinary real-world experiences while developing their Spanish language skills. Learn more

Study Abroad Programs

Spanish majors are required to complete a departmentally approved course of study abroad as part of their major. Appropriate periods of study include an Intensive Learning travel course to a Spanish-speaking country, or a summer, semester, or year abroad with a department-approved program such as ISEP or another college-approved program.


Student head shot of Aaron Lam

"Studying in Spain was not only a gratifying experience while I was there, but it unlocked possibilities and choices for my future that I never knew possible. The intensive courses in Spanish and the thematic course on the evolutionary changes between Latin and modern-day Spanish helped me uncover a previously uncultivated passion, one that has ultimately influenced my plans for the future. The three-week May Term passed by unbelievably quickly because I was constantly engaged with the culture and the experience, and I look back on it as an adventure that I would not trade for anything."
-Aaron Lam, '12

What's next?

Work. Spanish students are primed for a wide range of careers in business, international relations, healthcare, education, social services, criminal justice and political science. Recent modern language graduates are working both domestically and abroad in a range of positions, including as the vice president of a bank, a consular officer for the US State Department, a caseworker for child protective services and a cultural advisor for the Spanish Ministry of Education. 

Graduate studies.  Spanish students are well prepared for a range of different graduate school programs. Recent modern language graduates have gone on to advanced studies in law, medicine, international relations, international development, speech language pathology, Iberian studies, Latin American studies, community development and planning, counselor education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Graduates have attended Columbia University, Ohio State University, University of Richmond, John Hopkins and University of Denver.   

Courses in Spanish

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