Register for Maroon Mentors (formerly Alumni or Family Network)

The following are ways that you can help with the career development of our Roanoke College students and recent graduates: 

Register for Maroon Mentors


  1. Campus recruitment - Your company is invited to participate in on-campus recruitment of RC seniors. You may contact us at to find out more information on how to post a job on Handshake, schedule time to recruit on-campus, or to host interviews.
  2. Resume review - If you wish to consider hiring RC seniors, you may contact us with a position description for review. Career Center Staff may contact you directly to facilitate a meeting and/or forward any resumes of students qualified for the position.
  3. Corporate interviews - You may arrange to interview students at your office by contacting us. 
  4. Recruitment development - The Career Services office invites you to refer prospective employers to this office to arrange on-campus recruitment or post opportunities on Handshake. Likewise, you may share the names of company representatives who may be approached about recruitment. 
  5. Vacancy listings - You may list vacancies at your organization, both part-time and full-time, with the Career Center to make available to RC students and alumni. If you organization already has a presence on Handshake, simply search "Schools" for "Roanoke College" on your Handshake page, and request to become an approved employer with Roanoke College.  If you are new to Handshake, register your organization here:
  6. Career Nights - The Career Development committees of the various alumni chapters sponsor career events in their respective locations. You are invited to participate in these events as a speaker, panelist, interviewer, or other role as needed. Please contact the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Student & Alumni Success for more information.


  1. Career advisors - You may agree to talk with students needing career advice in your field. This will be arranged by the student at your convenience.
  2. Career presentations - There are various occasions when alumni are needed to present lectures or participate in panels on campus or at student gatherings with the alumni chapters.
  3. Mock job interviews - We are encouraging RC students to complete practice interviews before beginning the real process. You would be available by appointment to conduct simulated interviews in your office for the purpose of providing the student experience and feedback.
  4. Internships - You sponsor RC students in your company as interns. The students may receive academic credit for such experience and are expected to complete specified projects at your request. You may request interns for certain times only or be open to them on a continuous basis.
  5. Externships - Also known as "job shadowing." You may choose to allow RC students to spen d a short time (one day, one week) observing you or someone else in your company on the job. This experience provides the student the opportunity to learn firsthand what a specific job is like.
  6. Summer Employment - If your company hires students for the summer, or if you will allow them to work on a volunteer basis for the experience, you may list such opportunities with the PLACE (career center).
  7. Spouse participation - Your spouse may become involved in any of the activities mentioned by simply completing a copy of this form and submitting. A staff member will be in contact with you with additional details.

Register for Maroon Mentors