Printing Policy Projects

Welcome to the Print Shop! 

This page contains information regarding the printing of Business Administration Policy Projects. We congratulate you for reaching this milestone and look forward to helping you produce a quality product for your presentation. 

Printing something in a computer lab and printing something in the print shop are two entirely different processes.  It isn't as simple as clicking print.  But, you can do certain things to make sure that when the Print Shop starts working to produce your printed project, it is done so quickly and in the most efficient way possible. 

Please be sure you read this thoroughly as it will expedite the printing of your project and possibly save you a lot of time and money.  


Organizing Your Project for Production Printing:

  1. You should produce 5 PDF files, one for each section of your project.
  2. Name the files with your project name, in the order in which you want them printed ("1-Overview <project>" "2-Marketing <project>" "3-HR Mgmt <project>" "4-Operations <project>" "5-Financials <project>")
  3. If you have color pages throughout your book, you can speed things up even more by putting all of your color pages in one PDF - name it "<project> Color Pages"
  4. We can also print tabs for your project - we have them in stock, so there is no need to purchase them.  We just need you to tell us what you want on them. 
  5. Select one member of your group to be the contact person for the print request and have that person submit the request online at


Important Things to Note:

  • Despite the rumors, printing your books on cardstock or heavy paper is NOT necessary or required.  The Print Shop prints your job on paper better than that which you'll find in a standard lab printer, which makes black text look more rich and color output appear more vibrant.  Please do not waste your money on expensive paper! 
  • It is also not necessary to print the entire project in color.  We have seen groups have a full color logo in the header of every page and it cost them over $700 total to produce the job like that.  This is not necessary!  Only use color to make your point - otherwise, it seems wasteful and the evaluators will notice that. 
  • The Print Shop needs at least half of a day of lead time in order to process your job.  While the machines in the Print Shop are much faster than those in the computer labs across campus, we still need time to process the jobs you submit.
  • Your print request needs to be submitted only when it is final and there are no additional edits.  We cannot stop production to make minor changes once the job is started as this severely delays production.
  • If you do find that you need to make changes, those can be requested once the initial job is completed.  We'll be glad to reprint anything for you, but as we've mentioned, we cannot stop production for minor changes. You will be charged for reprints, unless the error was that of our staff. 
  • When you retrieve your completed print job, it will be a collated stack that you can then insert into your binders.  If you separated your color pages into one PDF, you'll need to insert those where they go.  If we printed your tabs, you'll also need to insert those yourself.  However, everything else will be in order and stacked by sets.  BE SURE YOU GIVE YOURSELF PLENTY OF TIME TO DO THIS!
  • Payment is due when you retrieve your job.  If you want to divide the cost between group members, we can do that.  However, please note that we are not able to accept print allotment as payment - but, we do accept cash, checks or credit cards.  You and your group will all need to come to the Print Shop at the same time with your methods of payment in hand so we can process payment properly. 


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