Roanoke College Print Shop


220 N Market Street - Salem, VA
Lower level of Life Science building, accessible from the parking lot.

Contact Information:

Phone: (540) 375-2250

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8:00am - 5:00pm Monday - Friday when classes are in session
8:00am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday when classes are NOT in session (breaks, summers, etc.)
(These hours may fluctuate and change during holiday breaks or during the summer.)

Services & Pricing:

Printing and copying in both black and white and color (pricing listed below).

There are multiple finishing options available. These services are charged by cost of material, plus a $16/hr. labor charge (minimum of $4, broken by the quarter-hour as necessary):

Spiral Binding is available in multiple sizes of spirals. Pricing varies based on the size of the document to be bound, plus labor.

Shredding of confidential documents is available at no cost. (Anyone can bring their documents in to shred themselves; if we provide the labor, then labor charges would apply).

Wide-format poster printing is also available in the Print Shop, up to 42" wide. Costs are calculated by poster dimensions. The cost is $3.25 per square foot. This equates to approximately $39 for a 36"x48" poster. 

Lamination is available at a cost of $1.50 per foot, on average. 

Printing & Duplicating Pricing Information:

For printing and copying, the costs are based on quantity of impressions per original, per submission. An original is one page in the set of what is being printed or duplicated. For instance, if you have a 5-page document to print, you have 5 originals. The cost of regular 20# bond 8.5x11" paper is included in the base prices listed below. Any other paper used must be charged separately. Paper prices change frequently and vary based on weight, stock and color. 

Black and White

Quantity / Cost*

1-500 $0.04
501-5000 $0.03
5000+ $0.02


Quantity / Cost

1-500 $0.40
501-2000 $0.35
2000+ $0.30

*The cost for B&W prints and copies for off-campus patrons is currently $0.01 more per copy.

Multiple colors, sizes and weights of paper are available for purchase in the Print Shop as well. Pricing varies based on availability, weight and finish of the paper being requested. 

Student Projects:

Students should take advantage of the Print Shop especially if they are in need of a large printed job. For example, things like the Business Policy Project, students can bring that to the Printshop to get projects printed to save time and money. Infomation about Business Policy Project in the Print Shop.


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