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220 N Market Street - Salem, VA
Lower level of Life Science building, accessible from the parking lot.

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Phone: (540) 375-2250

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Standard Pricing for Printed Material
(Not including cost of paper, finishing or labor)

Price for First 4,999 Impressions

Price for Impressions
over 5,000

Percent Savings

Grayscale for 8.5x11" & 8.5x14"




Grayscale for 11x17" & 12x18"




Price for First 2,499 Impressions

Price for Impressions
over 2,500

Percent Savings

Color for 8.5x11" & 8.5x14"




Color for 11x17" & 12x18"




(Jobs with quantities over 15,000 clicks may be outsourced in order to save costs)

Letterhead / Stationery Pricing

These prices are for printing letterhead and content together or printing envelopes with logo and addresses.  See Print Shop staff for details. Pre-printed letterhead is priced separately in the PSP store.


Cost of paper additional, depending on market price.

For printing on pre-printed letterhead, see the standard pricing list (for simple envelope addressing the cost is $0.03 per envelope).

Letterhead / Stationery Grayscale


Letterhead / Stationery Color


Envelopes Grayscale


Envelopes Color



Setup / Finishing Costs

Cost (per Unit)

Unit of Measurement












Linear Foot

Mail Merge / Mailing Setup






Padding - Regular Pads



Padding - Carbonless Copies



Stapling - Stapled Set


Per Stapled Set

Stapling - Saddle Stitch


Per Book

Binding - Comb/Coil Binding


Per Book

Wide Format (Large Posters / Banners)

Estimated cost is $4.75 per square foot, which makes a 36x48” standard poster (on regular glossy / matte poster paper) approximately $57. Specialty papers may cost more.

Ways to facilitate a faster turn-around:

  • Plan Ahead – communication with Print Shop staff as far in advance as possible about upcoming jobs, particularly if that job will require special paper stock.
  • Use Print Shop Pro – this tracks jobs and asks all the necessary questions up front, which will expedite the process. 
  • Be Responsive - the time spent waiting for a response for clarification or proof approval can delay the turn-around time.
  • Format Documents Appropriately – PDF is the best way to submit. (IE: when a wide-format poster is submitted for 36x48”, it should be formatted to 36x48" for the best result).
  • Call/Email with Questions – Print Shop staff are always available to answer questions.

Student Projects:

Students should take advantage of the Print Shop especially if they are in need of a large printed job. For example, things like the Business Policy Project, students can bring that to the Printshop to get projects printed to save time and money. Infomation about Business Policy Project in the Print Shop.


Online Ordering System
(for Print Orders & Store Orders)

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