Dr. Allen's Research Lab

wordle explaining what Dr. Allen's main areas of research are

Research Interests

Dr. Allen's main areas of research are drugs and behavior and abnormal psychology.  

What Dr. Allen is looking for in a Research Assistant

Dr. Allen offers her Research Assistants considerable freedom in terms of research topics. She is looking for students that either have well developed ideas or have a general idea of interest but are in need of some guidance in finding a specific topic. She is willing to help students develop these ideas into viable research projects. Research Assistants should have completed Research Methods, some experience reading journal articles, and who are self-motivated. Ideal candidates are able to work independently and take the initiative.    

Recent Student Research Projects

Dr. Allen has mentored students conducting research in a wide range of topics. Some recent independent studies have included literature reviews on treatments for alcoholism and on factors that predict eating disorders in athletes, experimental studies on the effect of affective arousal on cognitive processing, and determinants of student compliance with instructions.  


If you are interested in working with Dr. Allen, please contact her at allen@roanoke.edu