Research Practicum

Research Practicum (PSYC 306) provides the student with an opportunity to conduct empirical research under the direction of a faculty member. Typically, the student becomes involved in an on-going research project sometimes with a peer. Student work is more directed (i.e., less independent) than Independent Study, which also involves student research. Research Practicum is a full credit course taken for a grade (A/F).

Research Practicum is strongly recommended for students who plan to attend graduate school in any of the research areas of psychology. Admission criteria for M.A. and Ph.D. programs often include research experience, and one's likelihood of acceptance into a competitive program is enhanced by having a record of research participation.   

To participate in Research Practicum, the student must have an overall GPA and a Psychology GPA of at least 2.50, unless special permission is granted by the Psychology faculty.  

To enroll in 306, the student should talk to a faculty member whose research interests are compatible with his or her own (see the Department website for Faculty research interests). After finding a research mentor, students must complete the Application for Research in the Department by the first Wednesday of the semester.  If approved by the Department, the Department Chair will contact the registrar's office and register you for the course.